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About Me

Actor, Performer, Writer, Producer, Father, Husband, and a terrible stunt-guy.

Keith Wann has been performing since 2002, starting with a Sign Language Improv group, and then in 2004 his solo career quickly took off due to several parody music videos going viral.  He semi-retired his live stage comedy show in 2017 to focus on web and studio projects.

Combining side splitting physical humor, with heartfelt real life stories from his Coda childhood, has become his comedic trademark among the ASL Community.  As a hearing child of Deaf adults, Wann is an original breakthrough performing ASL artist and has been featured in several short films with ASL and currently stars in a popular ASL Children's APP called Signed Stories. He has also done several commercials for Pepsi, appeared in High Maintenance, Quantico, Law and Order, and several short films, including The Strength Within You and others listed here.

Keith is really excited to be currently involved with as a director/writer/actor for a new Signing Time project.  

Along with performing Keith also maintains his National Certification (NIC:Master and CI/CT) as an interpreter.

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ASL T-Shirts

ASL T-Shirts


A collection of ASL Comedy Shirts from my shows.

SignIt ASL

ASL T-Shirts

ASL T-Shirts


Start learning ASL today with the stars of Signing Time (Alex, Leah and Rachel Coleman), and ASL comedian Keith WannSignIt ASL is ideal for anyone with an interest in learning beginning sign language. Learn ASL vocabulary, phrases, sentences, grammar, Deaf culture, and much more!

Free for hearing parents with Deaf babies -

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ASL Ministry


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"Thank you for allowing me to share my stories with the language my parents taught me."

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